Anonymous asked: my story the drummer has a 9 star rating except every one who has left a rating so far has rated it 5, is that a glitch or something?

it’s possible that everyone that left you a review gave you 5 but someone who left a rating but not a review gave you a bit lower? :/ I don’t think there are glitches like that on the site, i’m sorry D:

- A

Anonymous asked: So you know how the site had those adds? Well the add on the right side isn't an add going down when your reading a story it goes to the right, and its very bothersome whilst reading a story. Is there a way to change that?

no, i think that’s the way the site is coded.

- A

Anonymous asked: how do I apply to be an admin

you can send in an e-mail with your credentials to our site e-mail.

- A

Anonymous asked: do u have all ur admins yet...?

I don’t believe any have been chosen. 


ruggedirwin asked: hiii so aimee recently removed my banner on the site of my only story, so i reuploaded with a smaller size. my username is michaelclifford. can you check to see if it's ok size now? thank you :) also i love the website!

sorry, but i took it down because the height of your banner is over the 200px limit, and it still is, at 335px. the size limits of any banner should not exceed 650x200. 

- A

Anonymous asked: ok. so I have a story called the drummer on the site and nowhere does it say that I cant have 3 banners and I checked and the sized were all correct. The demensions were 200 height 650 width and you still took them both down. Im not trying to be rude in anyway but why did you take them down?

I honestly don’t know how to answer this… you just can’t have three banners. For the same reason you can’t have a huge oversized banner or you can’t bump your story without an update; spam is not allowed and three banners is unnecessary. If need-be, we will add this in the site rules.

We appreciate your cooperation. 

Anonymous asked: I dont get the emails when is says i got a review on my story and I checked and my email is correct so idk whats happening

have you checked your preferences and ticked the “notify me on new reviews” preference?

- A

5 Seconds of Summer Fanfiction Message Boards

hey all! we have a 5SOS message boards area now, where you can chat with fellow authors, look for co-authors to work with, host character auditions and request graphics for your works! Come and join today! (: 

- A

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5 Seconds of Summer Fanfiction - 5SOSfanfiction.com | 5SOSfanfics.com

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